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Q: What is the Metro SelectPass pass?

A: Metro SelectPass allows you to ride Metrorail and Metrobus for one low monthly price. This is a calendar-month pass that is priced at a multiple of your “usual” trip price. With Metro SelectPass you pay for 18 days’ worth of your own peak-period travel and can take unlimited trips of that price or lower at no additional charge.  Metro currently offers the SelectPass at nine price points.

Q: What other passes does Metro currently offer?

A: Metro currently offers two rail passes and one bus pass for commuters:

  • The 7-Day Rail Fast Pass provides unlimited travel on Metrorail for 7 consecutive days regardless of trip length/cost for $60
  • The 7-Day Rail Short Trip Pass offers unlimited travel on Metrorail for trips with a fare $3.85 or less for 7 consecutive days for $38.50
  • The 7-Day Regional Bus Pass offers unlimited regular route travel on Metrobus and other jurisdictional bus services for 7 consecutive days. The cost of this pass is $17.50.

Q: How does Metro SelectPass differ from other Metro passes?

A: There are three key differences:

  • More flexibility: You can select your own pass price based on your typical trip. Metro SelectPass also has an optional “bus add-on” allowing for multimodal trips.
  • More predictability: Metro SelectPass is monthly, not weekly, and automatically starts on the first day of each month. This provides a predictable monthly cost, similar to a household bill.
  • More value: With Metro SelectPass you get unlimited travel every month – at any time, day or night or weekend — for the cost of 36 typical trips, no matter how many days are in a given month. You only have to pay additional fare if your trip is more expensive than your typical trip.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: Metro SelectPass allows you to ride Metrorail and Metrobus for one simple monthly fee for your regular commute trips and heavily discounted (if not free) off-peak travel. You also have the ability to exit and reenter the Metrorail system to run errands during commute trips without incurring additional transit fares

Q: How can I buy a Metro SelectPass?

A: Metro SelectPass is sold exclusively via the online store at Customers must have a debit or credit card in order to participate in the pass program. Customers new to will have to create an online account and register at least one card. Metro SelectPass cannot be purchased at fare vending machines inside Metrorail stations nor at Metro Sales Offices at this time.

Q: What do you mean by: “Metro is testing the SelectPass”?

Q: I qualify for Metro’s Reduced Fare Program for seniors and persons with disabilities.  Can I use SelectPass for my trips?

A: No.  SelectPass is a full-fare product.  Metro may consider offering SelectPass for seniors and persons with disabilities in the future.

Q: I participate in SmartBenefits. Can I use those benefits to purchase passes?

A: Yes, you can. In order to do so, you must request before the 15th of the month that your employer allocate your funds to Transit Pass Benefits.

Q: My employer already pays for my commute trips via SmartBenefits, why would I want to buy a pass instead?

A: When you apply your SmartBenefits to a Metro SelectPass, you get heavily discounted or even free off-peak travel and more flexibility with your work trips. Assuming you typically ride Metro to work, you can take Metro during your lunch break or run errands on the way home and not pay any extra transit fare.

Q: How do I use SmartBenefits to purchase a Metro SelectPass:

A: There are a few steps:

  • First, contact your transit benefits administrator before the 15th of the month and ask to have your benefits allocated to Transit Pass Benefits.
  • Second, on the first of the following month, go to and you should see your benefits dollars available for pass purchases.  This PDF includes screen shots of how the SmarTrip website facilitates pass purchases with benefits.
  • NEW!  Third, sign up for Auto-Reload.  Even though reloads are triggered three days before the start of the month, you will not be charged for the pass until your benefits become available on the first of the month!  (Updated November 28, 2017)
  • Auto-Reload Note!!!  Even if you are buying a pass using SmartBenefits, you will be asked for a credit or debit card number when signing up for auto-reload.  The card will only be charged if you have insufficient benefits funds to cover the auto-reload pass purchase.  (Updated March 1, 2018)

Read more about SmartBenefits on

Q: If I buy SelectPass with SmartBenefits and my “usual trip” is more than the pass value, will the difference be paid from benefits or from my own stored value?

Your SmarTrip card has multiple “purses” which can contain stored value.  Your SmartBenefits are stored in a purse that can only be used for rail and bus transit.  Money you add yourself is stored in a personal purse that can be used on rail and bus transit, but also for parking at Metrorail stations.

When you purchase SelectPass using transit benefits, the remainder of your benefit allocation will be sent to your SmarTrip card in the benefit purse.  If you take a trip that’s more expensive than the pass’s selected value, the upcharges will be paid from the benefits purse first.  Once those funds are used up, your personal purse will be debited.

Q:  If I don’t add Metrobus to my SelectPass but still transfer between Metrorail and Metrobus, will I get the $0.50 transfer discount?

A:  No.  Pass users do not get a discount when transferring from Metrorail to Metrobus.

Q:  What happens if I try to take a longer trip than my usual fare and I don’t have stored value?

A: If you don’t have enough stored value to cover your trip, you will have to top off your card at the Exit Fare machine before you can exit.  To avoid this situation, sign up for stored value auto reload. Auto reload allows you to set up stored value so that funds can be automatically reloaded to your SmarTrip® card if you take a trip longer than your usual fare.

Q: What if I lose my SmarTrip® card containing my Metro SelectPass?

A: If you lose your SmarTrip® card, call the SmarTrip® Regional Customer Service Center at 1-888-SMARTRIP (1-888-762-7874). A pro-rated refund will be applied to your card.

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